Thursday, January 31, 2013

The weight loss journey begins.... The back story

Here we go... My Journey from beached whale to healthy. Growing up, I was always the skinny one. Hit puberty and became the hot one cause I grew boobs. And not small ones mind you. I started battling my weight at 15 years old. And it wasn't really a battle, but a maintain. You see, I was a pageant kid. No.. Not the Honey Boo Boo pageants. I would have chewed my arm off first. I was raised to be a singer and that is what I did in pageants. I was the one no one wanted to compete against. Not bragging, but it was flattering and showed me I was good at something. But to win in pageants, you have to have the looks even though you have the talent. So, I worked hard to maintain my figure.
Cue the big move from my home. I was born and raised in Tennessee and loved it! My friends were there. My life was there. But step-dad got an amazing job offer and off we went to Orlando, Florida. When you speak all country, people like to make fun of it. When you are dark complected with almost black hair and dark brown eyes in a city full of hispanics, you get yelled at a lot for not speaking Spanish because apparently I was supposed to Hispanic (i'm Native American). I was never bullied, dont get me wrong. But it was a huge struggle. The move was really hard on me. I finally just stopped trying. I didn't gain a whole lot of weight, but I did gain.
Cue the move from Central Florida to North Florida... I had already signed up for the Air Force when my mom decided she was moving 2.5 hours away. I didn't move with her. I didn't WANT to leave another home. But after about a month, I gave in. Again, I was in a new city where I knew NO ONE! Only this time I was out of school, so I couldn't just meet new people easily. About 3 months after this move, I had gained 20 pounds and was leaving for Boot Camp. THAT took the weight off pretty quickly. But of course.. While in Tech School with the Air Force, I got sick and got a medical discharge.
Cue meeting hubs and starting a family...
I met hubs a month after leaving the military. We fell in love almost right away. Got married a year later. 1.5 years after that, Thing 1 makes his entrance. I had bad complications during childbirth. That story is for another day.. So, 5 months later I am tired all the time. I cried at everything. My hair was falling out. Finally saw a doc and told I had a severe case of Hypothyroidism and I was lucky to be alive much less not weighing 500 lbs. And the enormous weight gain starts........ Stay tuned for more of the story to how I got where I am now...

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